At PostProcess Technologies, our proprietary software along with our patent-pending machines and consumables remove the bottleneck in the third step of additive manufacturing – post-printing. We make the process of removing supports and surface finishing the printed parts easier, more consistent and more efficient.

In fact, we pioneered the development of automated and intelligent solutions for post-printing. Today, you’ll find these solutions at work across industries ranging from aerospace to automotive, consumer goods to dental and defense to medical.

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PostProcess Technologies offers a comprehensive collection of additive manufacturing post-printing software, hardware and consumables.

Support Removal

Our Support Removal solutions automate support removal - reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.

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Surface Finish

Our Surface Finish solutions ensures every part is identical every time - to your exacting specifications.

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Our Hybrid solutions address both Support Removal and Surface Finishing in one compact footprint.

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Our WasteWater Treatment solutions integrates with our Production Series for a seamless operation

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Unparalleled Consistency.
Increased Throughput.
Improved Productivity.


Jeff Mize

Chief Executive Officer

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Daniel Hutchinson

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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